Sunday, January 15, 2012

The pack within the pack

Jebediah was given to us as payment for doing a favor for a doctors get paid in chickens ....rescuers get paid in dogs. His brother Judah also came to us...he was adopted out soon after arriving, but Jebbo decided to stay and be king of the little guys…I would say personal bodyguard but the 2 ½ pound Maltese beats him up….He’s a lover not a fighter.

 Daisy May Sunshine! A friend of mine saw an ad for free puppies at a little country dinner in our area. I was looking for a larger Therapy dog so I called and after talking to the owners and viewing some videos of the litter I decided to go see Daisy the next day to temperment test her to see if she would make a good Therapy dog. Well right before I was ready to go the family text and said someone else had taken her. So I just thought ok well then she wasn't the one. I decided not to go because she was the only one I was interested in. A few days later I get a text she was returned because the family had 3 small kids and realized it was to much work with a puppy. I've always believed if something is meant to be nothing can stop it. So Daisy is now being trained to be a Therapy dog.

 Tiny Tim was surrender from his breeder into rescue because he had a club foot. The vet was able to correct that and the uti he had when he got here…he was literally peeing blood….poor baby.  He has been here for over a year and is technically still up for adoption …but he and our granddaughter seem to think he has found his forever home. ;)

Here is Gwendolyn enjoying a meaty Jebbadoodle thigh.

They have now made a little mini pack of “large” breed dogs in our home...The rest are mostly under 12 pounds and mostly Dachshunds.
 They are all gentle giants and the large “little” breed pack rule and reign over them.

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