Saturday, June 30, 2012

The abundant life!

What a blessed week we had….everyone got new wheels! The Grandbaby was given a bike by a family member and we had some wonderful friends give us a car!  I told my Granddaughter next time I need a prayer answered quickly I’ll have her pray for me. She prayed for a bike and she was blessed with one the very next day!  I waited 3 years for a second car…LOL. We try to be good stewards with our finances and not go into debt for anything...if we can't buy it cash we wait on God... Well it was worth the wait and all I can say is...

And let patience have its perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, lacking in nothing.
James 1:4

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Working girl

The gift that children have to enjoy life no matter what they are doing is so precious.  (We could learn from that.)

We had a lot of yard work to do and our little helper was just having a blast.
Well maybe we had a little poutiness when it was time to…
clean up the dog yard.
But she was a trouper and rose to the occasion.
 Yep that’s our having fun but working hard girl J

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Our little dog whisperer

No one has ever been able to handle this dog but me…until now.

Our beautiful dog whisperer has done it again!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Truly paying it forward

Kiki our therapy dog resting after a day of work. She is a puppy mill survivor who doesn't let her past stop her. She gives love, comfort and friendship to all who need it...because it was given to her when she needed it most.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

We interrupt this regularly scheduled blog for...

 a wonderful life event...
Our son and our granddaughter were baptized today!

There is nothing like a child making a bold statement for Jesus!

Never give up praying and believing god for your children No matter how hopeless it can look at times.... the lord is on the job, like the hound of heaven!

Feeding time at the zoo

When we were kids we had what was called a 2 second rule in our house. Which was… if you dropped anything edible on the floor and you picked it up in 2 seconds or less you could still eat it.  Well needless to say with a pack of dogs and how we feed ….that rule is not an option here.
We feed this way because it prevents fighting for food when they have no bowls to guard.  So every day just a simple mop bucket full of bleach water is how I clean this dog bowl.  Works great!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


How terrible when everyone says only good things about you...Luke 6:26
I had this scripture run through my head a lot last week. I even posted it on Facebook.
Never knowing this week I was really going to need it to comfort myself. 
It’s so hurtful when you find out someone has been speaking against you.
Even more so when it’s someone you love and you don’t understand why they have such a problem with you. I have to say I cried a lot of tears today before I got to a place I could let God speak to my heart and comfort me… and that scripture was what he brought back to my memory. I realized not everyone is going to like you or love you no matter how hard you try or wish them to….But if we allow God … he can even have a purpose for haters in our life.  Jesus sure knew what it was like to have haters and even family turn their back on him. But all that did was cause him to grow a deeper love walk….one that walked him right up to Calvary to lay down his life.
Lord help me to not hold anything against anyone and perfect my love walk so that I can love even in the face of hate….and to never lose sight that my self acceptance and self worth really only comes from knowing who I am in you….which is a much loved child.   

So now I’m going to be like a dog and let that moment go …that’s what I love about dogs they live in the moment…and so this moment I’m just gonna…

Monday, June 18, 2012

Furry family gathering

It's funny I have found our family gatherings include our furry family members as much as they do our peeps...this sweet face is Linus :)

This is his handsome brother Opie...

 and this beauty is our niece...the only person who would let me post a picture of them.

Oh wait this one I can post whether he likes it or not…it’s my ex trying to keep up with our son on a bike ride.

The only dog I was more than willing to give up…LOL
Just kidding “D”.
We really are the best of friend. :)