Tuesday, June 19, 2012


How terrible when everyone says only good things about you...Luke 6:26
I had this scripture run through my head a lot last week. I even posted it on Facebook.
Never knowing this week I was really going to need it to comfort myself. 
It’s so hurtful when you find out someone has been speaking against you.
Even more so when it’s someone you love and you don’t understand why they have such a problem with you. I have to say I cried a lot of tears today before I got to a place I could let God speak to my heart and comfort me… and that scripture was what he brought back to my memory. I realized not everyone is going to like you or love you no matter how hard you try or wish them to….But if we allow God … he can even have a purpose for haters in our life.  Jesus sure knew what it was like to have haters and even family turn their back on him. But all that did was cause him to grow a deeper love walk….one that walked him right up to Calvary to lay down his life.
Lord help me to not hold anything against anyone and perfect my love walk so that I can love even in the face of hate….and to never lose sight that my self acceptance and self worth really only comes from knowing who I am in you….which is a much loved child.   

So now I’m going to be like a dog and let that moment go …that’s what I love about dogs they live in the moment…and so this moment I’m just gonna…

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