Monday, August 25, 2014

Dancing among the ruins.

Two years in heaven. You know my love I'm so jealous!  But I still feel your presence so strongly with me. Like I have through every moment of this journey. Even now as I'm shedding my mourning garments and allowing God to replace them with garments of joy, I see you smiling with approval.  Because I know no one knew my heart and my love for you better then you.  I know I gave you everything I was. And I thought it all went home with you.  But I'm seeing now my heart can beat again.

A dear friend of ours told me she saw you smiling at me with your hand on the small of my back ever so gently pushing me into this next season.
What a lovely thought, and oh so you Richard.  
Your love was always so sacrificial and unselfish.
But it's scary.  It makes it all finally feel so real .... Your gone.... Your home.  I know it's hard for some of the people around me to process this as well. But I've done this journey so publicly up till now and I can't change that.  I want people to see the joy on the other side of grief. I want to show others the goodness of God by living out loud.  

Our friend I spoke of earlier also said this to me. 
"God is not going to waste your heart".  Isn't that beautiful? He's not going to pour His love into our hearts and not give us a place to pour it back out.  I wouldn't even begin to say I know my future.... I have truly learned to live one day at a time.  But I do now see love is definitely part of it.  And I know you approve. So this anniversary I am celebrating with you my love.  Because we are both right were God has ordained for us to be and that has always been our greatest desire.  
Happy two years in heaven.....
I am dancing among the ruins my love.

Give Jesus the biggest kiss for me!

Love Lightning Your,


In loving memory of my beloved Richard

Friday, June 27, 2014

I had a date tonight...

and He gave me the loveliest flowers…

and then He painted me the most beautiful sunset...

and sang over me...
till I lost myself in adoring Him.

Yes, I have found the one my heart loves. 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Back on track

I found myself going down paths in the last few months that I realize now were not Gods best for me.

However, the greater lesson I learned from this, made it all worth it. I found that even when we may be moving in a direction we shouldn’t be… if we keep our heart towards God he always gets us back on track.

And the real beauty is,
 He is always there with arms wide open...

Thank you Lord for always coming to find this run away…


Friday, May 30, 2014

Every living creature

I was once giving a word that God was going to use me to rescue every living creature....well here is the latest additions to the Pettit ranch.  
Autumn and Asher...
Yes kittens! 

 This was the condition they were found in...

...seriously who could walk away from that?

Yes it's always an adventure here. :)

Saturday, May 3, 2014

The pack would have been so proud

Shannie sure got her part down perfect as Nana the dog in her schools production of Peter Pan.

I wonder how she learn to play a dog so well? ;)

Yes we had a wonderful night in never never land!

We are so proud of you did an amazing job!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Not as child like as I thought

I sent Shannie out today with a box of chalk to color our front sidewalk with that awesome child art this Grammy  loves. 

And here's the usual art I expect to enjoy. 

 So imagine my horror when I came across this!

As I’m racking my brain on how I'm going to ask her...


She comes up to me and says... 
“Oh that’s something that didn’t work out…I was trying to trace my shadow and I was able do my feet but when I bent over to do my body it didn’t come out right”.

Whoosh! As the palm of my hand smacks my forehead... 
Oh course it’s you shadow!

I know... so my mind is not as child like as I thought.
But thank you Jesus hers is!


Monday, April 7, 2014

Because he was born

Today is Richard Birthday!  :D
And this day has become so precious to me.
I love celebrating that Richard was born, even though he now lives in heaven.
Because he was born I knew love that 
most people only dream of.
And that is why I will always celebrate my beloved.

So Richard my love…I know you’re having a wonderful Birthday …so I don’t even have to wish you that.
But I wanted to tell you...
I’m so glad you were born...I’m glad you were mine.
And before we see each other again,
I have some great adventures I need to go on 
with the Lord.
So keep cheering me on, because I know you’re more alive than ever!
And someday we will celebrate this day together 
once again.

Happy, Happy Birthday!
Love Lightning,