Saturday, June 16, 2012

It was a ducky day!

Had our Paws of Hope therapy dogs out today for a children's outreach in the park.

It will never stop amazing me how children will open up with the therapy dogs around.
I know this little girls whole life.

We got showed up for a moment by another little four legged friend...

and of all things...

a turtle!

That's ok  it was water break time anyway.

Ok mom...our whistles are wet and we are ready to go again...can we go play with those kids over there?

Mommy...please, please, please can we go bobbing for duckies?!!!!!!

This one gots my name on it !

Don't worry Mr. Ducky, your safe now...and as soon as we take a little nappy...(cause it was a long day)... I'll show you your whole new world :)

Hey sometimes therapy dogs need therapy too.

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