Sunday, March 18, 2012

A little of this and a little of that

Today's post is just a collection of life over in our corning of the world.
This week I decided to pull a chair from the garage I found last fall on the side of the road for free and reupholster it. Here's the before and after pictures.

I got this great retro paisley fabric at Hobby Lobby.
I believe I will have to go back for more of this,
I just love it!

So on the dog front...

Sammy our foster dog is enjoying his stay here.
He was very easy to get right into the pack
being that he's so dog social. We have all been enjoying some nice sunny warm days here for March :)
But we wont say much about that and jinx it...We have had blizzards as late as April in the Pocono' we are just going to count our blessings and pray spring is here to stay.

Also we got a pretty funny update on one of our previous foster dog's, Minnie....Here she is bring her Daddy breakfast in bed....raw squirrel ...yum!... He said he don't know how she caught it but that she sits under the tree praying one will fall ...I guess she got her prayer answered that day.

 Dad said she never did make it into the bed with it but he did have a bit of a tug of war to get it from her...said he had the tail and it almost came off....Yeah that made me throw up in my mouth a little too....LOL

So that's some of the adventures we had over in our corner of the world. Hope you have a blessed day over in your corner of the world as well!

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