Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Weekend 2013

We had such a blessed Easter weekend…my little buddy and I.

Shannie colored her eggs and decorated some cookies.

 And when we turned our backs we found out Glory sure liked the eggs too!

 GLORY! You ate Humpty Dumpty’s family… BAD DOG!
(What Shannie said when she scolded her..LOL)
Yes the silly mishaps on holidays always become a family’s
  favorite stories in years to come. J

Well the cookies were saved and Shannie brought them to church for her friends. J

Then of course we had to have a photoshoot at my new favorite place with my all time favorite face…hehe

And at church my little princess and some of her friends honored the Lord with a praise dance.

I also had the honor of photographing 2 precious baby’s this weekend.
Grace Lauren…the little girl born on my birthday.

And baby Evan…who is an amazing miracle of God.
He was born with a hole in his heart on Christmas day.
His mother called a family from our church to come to the hospital and gave him to them…she just did not want him. I cried the first time I held his little body in my arms and found this out. 
He was so small and frail with a tube coming out of his nose and his breathing labored. But he is a fighter! And so very wanted now…not only by the wonderful family that took him in but by our whole church family.

My sweet Evan may these feet always take you on the path God has for your life. 

 So that was our blessed Easter. Hope yours was as well. J


  1. Oh goodness, I was doing real good until I got to Evans story..... We will keep the little one in our prayers. He is beautiful!

    What a blessed Easter you had!


    1. Kim I hope your Easter was blessed as well. Thank you for your prayers for baby Evan and your sweet tears. Hugs

  2. Oh sweet Anna I do wish we could sit down with a cup of tea! I'm so blessed by your blog everytime I read it.

    I love the shame on poor Glory's face...she just wanted an easter treat toooo. The pictures of little Miss Shannie are beautiful! And those baby pictures - OH MY!!! May God bless Evan's birth mom for giving that sweet boy life and having the wisdom to call a loving family to care for him. May God bless the loving family who took him home and will raise him to know the love of his heavenly Father.



    1. Anne thank you so day we will for sure meet in heaven and will have that cup of tea date :)
      Thank you for all your kind words and blessings. :)

      big (((HUGS))) right back at yea girl!