Monday, April 7, 2014

Because he was born

Today is Richard Birthday!  :D
And this day has become so precious to me.
I love celebrating that Richard was born, even though he now lives in heaven.
Because he was born I knew love that 
most people only dream of.
And that is why I will always celebrate my beloved.

So Richard my love…I know you’re having a wonderful Birthday …so I don’t even have to wish you that.
But I wanted to tell you...
I’m so glad you were born...I’m glad you were mine.
And before we see each other again,
I have some great adventures I need to go on 
with the Lord.
So keep cheering me on, because I know you’re more alive than ever!
And someday we will celebrate this day together 
once again.

Happy, Happy Birthday!
Love Lightning,



  1. Such a beautiful post celebrating the beautiful life of your Richard. Happy Birthday Richard!!


    1. Thank you Kim! I'm so glad to see how well your Dad is doing. I was over on @ your blog the other day but didn't comment because I was checking it out from my cell...and for some reason it's hard to comment from it. Tell him keep the good work up...we are all cheering him on!