Saturday, June 21, 2014

Back on track

I found myself going down paths in the last few months that I realize now were not Gods best for me.

However, the greater lesson I learned from this, made it all worth it. I found that even when we may be moving in a direction we shouldn’t be… if we keep our heart towards God he always gets us back on track.

And the real beauty is,
 He is always there with arms wide open...

Thank you Lord for always coming to find this run away…



  1. I'm so glad to see you back once again. I was going to check in on you tomorrow if you didn't surface by then. Happy to hear you are back on track :)


    Hi Shannie!!

    1. Hehehe Oh Kim I have thought about you often... If you have Facebook you should friend me so if I don't blog we can stay connected. Hope all is well there with your Dad and your mini pack? ... Hugs ....and Shannie say Hi back Mrs. Kim!!!!!!

  2. Good morning Anna,
    I think of you often too and have prayed that you've been doing OK. I just put up a post this morning about the latest happenings here. We're heading back to NY this coming week - Ugh! (Tho I'll be happy to get out of this intense heat and humidity!) I don't do FB but have been thinking about joining. It's been crazy here and is going to get worse with all the upcoming doctor appointments for Grandpa Bob when we get back to NY. All the doctor's there will want to start over from square one with tests, etc. Lily and Muffin are doing great and are my sanity keepers!! Well, time for coffee and then on to start the packing, cleaning, etc. Hope you have an awesome Sunday.

    1. The social butterfly that you are how are you not on Facebook?! lol I will pop by your blog pad and check out your update :) Hugs