Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Life doesn't always go as you planned...sometimes your just the wrong toad.

Hi Glory here....I need your help...
Foster Mommy said there must be a wonderful home waiting for me that don't have little white fluffy dogs that tempt me to eat them for snackies. She said it wouldn't be fair for me to live here and have to stay locked in another room away from everyone. She wants me to live in a home were I can truly be part of the family. Foster Mommy cry's when she thinks about me leaving so that's why I thought I will help her find me the perfect forever home so she will see how happy I am and not be sad for me anymore.

The above is an adoption add we posted for Glory...as you can see things don't always turn out as we hope. We sure would have loved for our home to be her final stop in life.  Being in rescue you deal with a lot of disappointment...the hardest one's being the dogs that don't live to get a second chance at a "happy ever after". So as sad as this is for our hearts we know Glory will still have her "happy ever after"...she just needs to find the right toad :)

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