Monday, May 7, 2012

I have a dream

Did you ever have a dream so big that you knew it had to come from God alone, so big only God could bring it to pass?  That’s the kind of dream we have.  In fact we even have a name for ours….it’s called Good Land Ranch.  A sanctuary for people to come and get refreshed and work with rescued animals.  We have about 80 acres of farm land adjoining our properly that we are believing God for so we can build our ranch and open it to people and fur friends God would send us.  This dream is going to be fulfilled and one day you will see it on this blog.  Today I use photoshop to dream my dream and the word of God. We got the name for our dream from Deuteronomy 8 which talks about how the Lord was bringing his children the Israelites into a “Good Land”  but also how when they came into this land they were to remember the Lord who brought them there. So that is why we named it Good Land remind us to never forget the Lord when we are in our promise land J

Wild horses couldn't drag us from this

will be a dream fulfilled!

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