Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Lamb the breakfast of champions

One of the joys in life for us is entertaining
friends for dinner.
Hubby is the Chef and the boy can cook!  So that makes me in charge of the little frilly’s …which I love as much as my husband loves cooking.  This was my latest frilly idea. I took an old unusable serving tray because it had some pot marks and painted it with chalkboard paint…
(took 10 minutes) put it on an easel and
wala…. a menu board!

Below I photoshopped a favorite menu of a dear friend who visits our home a few time a year.
He travels the world as a missionary and this is favorite stop.
Pack of dogs and all ….go figure.

YUMMY!!! Yeah I look at that and say the same thing…
Ok this isn't good... it's 9:30 in the morning and now I made myself hungry for lamb.
My new slogan...
"Lamb the breakfast of champions!"
This is what I love about Blogger world...anything is possible.
Well folks top of the mornin to ya and have a blessed day!


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