Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Dear Richard,

  My love I can't believe I'm going on my second Christmas without you. I hope I'm making you proud. I'm trying to live our dreams....some days are still so hard.  But I hear you in my heart cheering me on so I continue to move forward.  I really do trust God, that there was a reason I have to walk this part of my journey without you here. I trust in the bigger picture we often talked about. Can't say I like it! But I know in the end it will all make senses.  When it gets very overwhelming I often see your face silently mouthing "I adore you". Like you did in the hallway, just before you walking out the door for the lasts time.  Thank you for leaving me such sweet memories. They truly do carry me. Honey I know you would be so proud of our loved ones, so many amazing things have happened in the last 16 months. My family is so healed and whole again we so often prayed for.  Our church family and Mama Angel would bring you to tears of joy at how they are standing strong. Oh and your Bobby....he is a fire that won't be contained ....he's bring them in baby!  But most of all our grand baby's! Oh my love, they are going to do amazing things for the Lord!  We are all going to run the race...we are all goings o finish well ...then we are all going to spend eternity never having to part again....celebrating our sweet Jesus!  Until then kiss Jesus and give Him the biggest Birthday hug for me. You are still both my two favorite guys and always will be ;)

 PS. Woke up to Bobby plowing the driveway, you know what that means sweetheart.... it's a white Christmas!  Made it a little hairy getting home from the beautiful candlelight service at church last night... I know I don't have to tell you how awesome that was, because I know you were there! The weatherman told us it wasn't going to be a white Christmas ....So tell Jesus thank's HIS birthday party and it can snow if HE wants it to!  LOL
 Merry Christmas
Love lightning 
And I adore you too!

Your beloved Anna


  1. Thank you for sharing a very special part of your heart with us. We have some close friends who have lost family members this year, some have the hope of seeing them again and some who don't. Our God is an awesome God and I love that we have the hope of eternal life through Him.

    May God Bless you and your family.
    Merry Christmas!


    1. Thank you Anne...that hope is what keeps me going on I don't know how people do this without it... The thought of that is very sad to me ....