Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I made it through

Grief comes suddenly.
However, I have found it goes away in layers.
Recently I’ve felt another layer lift off me.
This is not caused by an event of any kind, it’s just the mercy of God as you walk through this valley, that removes the layers.
Often I don’t even realize the depth of each layers sorrow till it’s lifted off of me.
And as I make it through each layer I feel stronger and more alive than ever.
This one has brought a peaceful acceptance and a great expectation of what God has for me.

And with each layer I am making it through :)


  1. Mom Kim here - Not sure why but I keep forgetting to stop by - I'm glad I did today. After reading your post, it got me to wondering if that is where I am at but didn't want to think about grief - I have had a lot to cause me grief over the last several years - loss of friends and family members, loss of pets and loss of my own personal body functions (can't believe the initial onset was in 1976 but due to increased losses in the last few months, I realize I may have never fully got past that "initial" onset.

    I need to get back to work now but will try to make it back more often.

    1. Kim... I pray the Lord peels the layers of grief off your life... and that you experience greater and deeper joy then any sorrow you have felt. :)