Saturday, March 8, 2014

My anniversary gift

Meet Salome!

 Her name means ~ peaceable, perfect, she that rewards.
And I just became her sponsor. :)  
I wanted to do something special for my anniversary yesterday.
I heard of a program through my local Christian radio station called Compassion in Jesus name….and how you could pick a child to sponsor by their Birthday. 
So I put my anniversary date in to see if there was a child with that birthday and was so excited there was!

So I not only have the wonderful privilege of sponsoring Salome I also was able to do it on her Birthday! 
I hope that made her Birthday special :)

I will be able to write to her and get to know her. I'm looking really forward to this. Maybe one day I will even go to meet her.  
So everyone pray for Salome and I will be updating from time to time on my new friend. 


  1. What a beautiful gift for the both of you! You have such a kind, kind heart Anna.

    Welcome Salome ~ You have the perfect Fairy Godmother!!!!!


    1. Oh it is as much for me as it is for Salome...but thank you Kim for your kind words. I was just over at your blog and so happy to see Muffin is recovering. And girl friend NO padded room for you....your stronger then you know and your doing a great job...hang in :)