Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A face only a brother could love

And Jebediah sure loves his brother Timmy. There bond is very special. They came to us about a year apart from one another… Jebb being the first.  Timmy is still technically a foster. He never was adopted…well I should say he was adopted but it fell through…and after that we had a few people interested but nothing ever came of it. Timmy sure lives up to his name in that he is the most timid animal I have ever owned.  And this is what makes his relationship with Jebb so special. Jebb has a way of given Timmy the confidence that he lacks and Timmy relies very much on Jebediah’s fearless temperament to help him cope.  He relies on Jebb so much at this point I would say they are a bonded pair.  Jebediah is Timmy’s super hero and together they are my body guards for all the little guys.


  1. Oh my goodness...the picture of them squeezed into the dog bed is ADORABLE!

  2. How we missed this post, we have no clue.... This is awesome! Nothing like 2 little one's bonded for life.

    Lily Belle