Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My greatest fans request.

Have to take care of those pearly whites

Yes Shannie like Grammy said you’re the bravest little girl I know…and I blogged this per your request to show all the other little girls in the world that you have to be brave when you visit the dentist.
(She thinks everyone in the world reads Grammy’s blog…lol)


  1. Hi Shannie, yes, this is for you! We too think you are VERY brave going to the dentist. And to have 2 fillings put in, we're really proud of you too. How come your Grammy didn't get a picture of you with that yummy slushie dribbling out of the side of your mouth? That's what ALWAYS happens to our Mommy when she gets the novicane. And when Mommy tries to talk she sounds so funny she makes us laugh.

    We loved seeing the pic's from your trip to the beach and we're glad you had such a great time.

    Hope that you're teeth are feeling better now. Keep brushing them really well. You're such a beautiful girl.

    Lily Belle and Muffin

    p.s. We too think all the world reads your Grammy's blog. She is a great Blogger and we enjoy reading her posts.

    1. Lily Belle, Grammy said she didn't get a picture of my slushie dribbling out my mouth. And I'm really glad she didn't! You remind me of my Gwenie and your really cute too. Thank you for writing me that made me very happy.
      Shannie & Gwenie

      P.S. Grammy said thank you and your pawesome! :)

  2. Aw what a brave, beautiful girl! When I was 15 I got my wisdom teeth out, and my mom literally had to drag me there LOL
    Nola's Mom

    1. Boy that's a pain you never forget! Had mine out too...they still have to drag me to the dentist...LOL