Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Do not despise...

…this day of small beginnings.

We woke up to evidence that our friend Mr. Winter stopping by last night. 

And he must have sat right here…

Well even Whoys was smiling about that.

And on other matters of small beginning...

Mr. Squirrel Nutkin and I have come to a peaceful agreement. He gets to eat to his heart’s content off the deer block feeder I place in the woods. And I have to let him live. 

Yes there is peace and joy in our kingdom today.


  1. Ol'e Man Winter stopped by our place too! We had pouring rain last night then it turned to hail, then snow. We have a 1/2 inch of snow on the ground this morning on top of our "skating rink." Sorry Lily Belle & Muffin, there will be NO chasing chippies outside today!

    I've been keeping up on your posts but have not had much time to comment (sorry 'bout that!) Busy here (hopefully) getting ready to leave on the 21st for Florida. Dad see's the surgeon tomorrow and will hopefully receive clearance to travel. It's bitter cold here this morning and I'm soooooo ready to hit the road!

    Hope you and the pack are keeping warm.


    1. Oh please don’t even think about it. I have always been one of those friends that will pick up right where we left off. And trust me I understand having your plate full! I hope you get to go to your sunny Florida soon. I think about you often and you are in my prayers. :) Have a sweet day my friend!