Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Well Squirrel nutkin is taking out his revenge on me for having his tree cut down.
He has moved into the front yard right outside my window.

 To taunt…

 and taunt…

 and taunt…

 and taunt...

 and taunt me.

 He also brought along a little friend....can you see him?

 He is like the Arnold Schwarzenegger of squirrels.
I’ll be back!


  1. Don't you kinda, secretly think their cute? :) Even though they are definitely a nuisance, I think they're cute. Kurt and I laughed and laughed at one who was w..a..y out on a tree limb during a very strong wind. We didn't know what he was after. Kurt thought he was a thrill seeker enjoying the ride :) My little Lucy barks and barks and barks at them so much I have to shut the blinds when one catches her eye.


    1. Really I do think they are cute...I must fess. :) And they are clowns...but with dogs they can be a nuisance also. :)