Saturday, November 30, 2013

Oh Christmas tree!

And that was just how I was saying it last night… 
OH CHRISTMAS TREE!  Not in the merry kind of song singing way. After spending two hours putting together one of the older style artificial trees…were you have to put in each limb, and then stringing it with lights to place on the gazebo. 
The stand just broke into pieces and, well…timber! 
 Mr. Tree you picked the wrong lady to mess with…I am the queen of repurpose!  So this is now the 7 foot artificial trees… 

It made a perfect outdoor garland! 

Plus I still got my Christmas tree for the center of the gazebo. This is the 2 foot top with a makeshift stand.  
Oh Christmas tree…I WIN!

But that little mishap didn’t steal the joy of the season at all.

I started my own little tradition for Christmas since Richard went home to heaven.
I get myself a Hallmark ornament. This is only year 2 …but I think someone up above got wind of my little idea and had the perfect one made for me this year.  

I had a real hard time keeping it together in the Hallmark store when I found this…

Yes! When I place this on my Christmas tree I will be singing… Oh Christmas tree, the merry kind of song way! :)