Saturday, January 4, 2014

Bed time stories...

Kiki and I have both started off our new year a bit under the weather. So tonight to give us some giggles, I decided to read this bed time booklet from the 30’s

We do believe this will be our favorite story ;) 

Poor little Kiki had it the hardest. She had such a severe bout of diarrhea she needed a few treatments of Subcu fluids to stay hydrated.
It’s amazing how you can look in their eyes and read the love all over their face, even when you have to stick them with needles. 

Well, back to our bed time stories. Phil Robertson must have wrote this one….lol


  1. Goodness, I'm so sorry to hear that you two are not feeling well! I know you're getting lot's of snuggles from the pack. If I can do anything let me know. Grandpa Bob is always available..... (teeheehee)


    1. Kim... Don't get gay.... Lol sorry couldn't help myself....