Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Why some never get adopted

This dear sweet girl is Akiva who we affectionately call Kiki (pronounced Key Key). Her name means ~protected & sheltered. She is a dog we ended up giving sanctuary to because she never got adopted. Which I now know was all in the plan. ;)  I have to say Kiki has become my heart dog. Don’t get me wrong I love all my dogs very much…all hold a place in my heart only they can hold. But a heart dog…well…first you don’t choose them they choose you…and I’ve only had two in my life.. in fact I believed you could only have one in a lifetime. My first heart dog became the reason I got into rescue over 10 years ago....but that's a blog for another day.  So I feel blessed to have two.  Kiki is to most people a mess of a dog…she has so many quirky issues from her years in a puppy mill… but to me I just get her and she gets me. First time I met her she came out of her crate biting down with all her 7 pound might onto my hand. I let her get a good taste of the hand that was going to love her through every painful memory of what was now going to be her past. The hand that would show her she can trust and learn to love….The hand that is going to make sure for the rest of her life she will always have enough to eat and enough to drink. The hand that will never breed her again… only to rip her puppies from her when they were far too young.
Yes the hand that now reaches for her often in the night, to stroke her warm fur to reassure her I’m here as she lies curled up next to me. Yep heart dogs they find you and wrap you around there little paw… to the point your even blogging about them…LOL

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  1. This explains a lot for me. My heart dog is GG, a black and tan mini dox. Didn't have a name for the connection, but it is strong one. She has a unique bark for me that says you must focus on me. She climbs in my lap in the evenings and sits looking me directly in the eye and seems to want to communicate. It is a beautiful thing. I am a cat lady first and foremost but she really changed my world.

    Thank you for your wonderful blog. I'm working my way through your older posts as I have time.