Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Anyone need a Christmas tree?

Finally made the decision to have a 70 foot pine tree removed from my property.
After Sandy blew through last year and took down some large pines that were way too close for comfort to the house.  I realized it was only inevitable with all the storms we are having this one would do the same someday. So I figured better it come down on my terms….because if it comes down on its own, it definitely is going to hit one of the buildings or the house itself.

It’s in the dog yard, which has always been another concern when we have ice storms or heavy snow, that a limb could fall on one of the dogs. 

 So TIMBERRRRR it is …sometime in the next few weeks.

Sorry Mr. Woodpecker, but you were taking too long.  

 And Mr. Squirrel you need to find another pack of dogs to taunt…you I won’t miss!

Although Barnabas the mighty hunter sure will.


  1. Looks like there's quite a lot of trees in there. Is that the only dangerous one?

    1. No Andrea the picture is deceiving... the other trees are farther back away from the house. But thanks for your concern. :)

  2. We agree that it should come down for everyone's safety.

    We love your Pileated Woodpecker! They are one of my favorites. We too have them here but I have not seen them at my feeders at all. They are in the woods right behind the house. I always love taking pictures of them. So prehistoric looking.

    Got our first frost this morning ~ yuck! Almost took a nose dive on the deck. Get me back to Florida!


    1. They really are prehistoric looking...I love your bird pictures! And like the birdies I know you can't wait to migrate back to sunny Florida for the winter. I'm not jealous, I'm not jealous, I'm not jealous,

  3. You could donate the tree and Mr. Squirrel to the White House for their Christmas tree... LOL!

    Safe trimming,