Friday, October 11, 2013

I want you to dream.

This is what the Lord keeps saying to my heart…
”Anna I want you to dream again”.
Every time I turn around He is saying this to me in different ways…

Like this little thing I found in a magazine… 

I clipped it out and now I have it between the glass of a table in my house.

But this song by a man who suddenly lost his wife in a routine surgery sealed it for me. It was sent to me by a daughter in the Lord who had no idea what God has been speaking to my heart. 
Sorry I can only share it in a link. 
Because I don’t even believe it has been released yet.

So I’m sharing all of this because maybe someone else needs to hear theses word also.
Maybe someone out there needs to begin dreaming again.

So yes Lord…I will dream again and I will let my heart beat again….but you need to help me because I don’t even know how or what to dream. But I say yes. 


  1. Oh that's beautiful! And perfect timing for me that you posted this today.

    I have been having horrible dreams worrying about Dad's surgery. But...They cancelled Dad's surgery that was scheduled for yesterday bcuz the Dr. had the flu. Even tho we are all an emotional wreck waiting for the surgery to happen, the cancellation was a blessing. Today is my birthday and I'm so THANKFUL that I get to have my Dad by my side today!

    Girlfriend, I sure do wish you the happiest of dreams when they come.


    1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!….I wish I could send you a bouquet of flowers! Tell Hubby he needs to do it for me…lol
      I was just over on your piece of the web. And speaking of webs…nice web of lies sticky fish had going there!
      Oh my goodness I can’t believe his leg!
      Will I’m glad your Daddy is with you for your Birthday! Have a beautiful one…and may the God of all comfort show up and show out for you today!
      Hugs, Anna

  2. Mmmmm...that is beautiful :) Sweet dreams, sweet Anna.