Saturday, October 12, 2013

The note from Heaven

The God of all comfort.
That is one of the attributes the bible uses to describe God.
And since the time of Richard departure to heaven I have found this to be truer than ever.
I want to share one of those moments of comfort with you.
A few months ago during a hard day of grieving which is often accompanied by many regrets.
I cried out to the Lord and asked Him to please tell Richard 
"I’m sorry I wasn’t always attentive to him".
After someone passes away you wish you had spent every second of life with then. And I know this is a normal process of grieving.
But I still felt like I wanted Richard to know that. 
Now my belief is that after a loved one has gone home we can communicate our hearts to them through Jesus.
And for me this is easy to do because Jesus was always our greatest connection this side of Heaven…. and now even more so.
However when I share my heart in this way with the Lord I really don’t expect an answer back….and definitely not in a very tangible way. But the God of all comfort….is amazing!

That night I went to bed and in the middle of the night there was a terrible thunder storm.
It was so bad my dog Glory went nuts and tried to jump a gate which caused pictures and a large mail holder that was on the wall to come crashing down.  It was quite startling and she’s lucky I didn’t shoot her…I thought someone was breaking in! lol
But as I was cleaning up the mess and the ton of papers that now covered the floor from the mail holder I was shocked to see an envelope with my name on it and in my husband’s handwriting.  You see I’m very sentimental and anytime my husband gave me a card I saved them in a special place. So for this to be shoved in with a bunch of junk surprised me.  Maybe he never did give it to me or maybe I just don’t remember it…..but when I read it I almost fainted.

 Yes, He truly is


  1. Wow! That is breath-taking...


  2. Oh it made my moms arm get all come in surprizing packages don't they!
    stella rose