Friday, October 4, 2013


I think we would be in better hands if life went to the dogs.


  1. That's just about the best I've seen about "Obama Scare." Love it!

    Sorry I've not been around too much but my plate here has been quite full as we say. Grandpa Bob took a nasty fall on his knee. Once I found out about it (5 days later) I had to take him to the Emergency Ortho Dr. for x-rays. Thank goodness nothing was broken. His leg is swelled from the thigh to the ankle and all black and blue. Of course when it happened... the Stinky Fish told dad not to tell me! They were supposed to take him that day while Rolf and I (and the puppers) went out. They arrived 4 hours late to get him and he fell when he was here alone. So Dad got in trouble for wearing shorts which allowed me to see the leg. Amazing!!

    His Colonoscopy went well and they removed 6 polyps. Did not find any problems other than that. So no clue as to the low iron, etc.

    His heart surgery is coming upon us quickly (the 10th). Went for his pre-op again on Wednesday. Hopefully this time they will not cancel his surgery. He wants to get it over with as his emotions are running on high.



    1. Kim I totally understand. You have been so in my thoughts and always in my prayers...I can see why! I fell and hit both my knee caps so hard a few months ago that all the blood pooled around my ankles and I looked like I had permanent socks on. So my heart completely goes out to Grandpa Bob! Tell that sweet man not to be afraid. He has people that don't even know him praying for him because that's how much God loves and cares for him! :)

      Big hugs my sweet friend ..your gonna make it through to the other side and yes... "Life" and more life and abundant life is what God has for you!

  2. I agree with the cute little doxie group. :)