Saturday, October 6, 2012

Don't fall for my smile

Every year I love to find that perfect place to take fall foliage pictures. This year it was Promised Land State Park.

That bench was so inviting, It was like it was saying "come sit a spell"…so I did.
Wasn’t long and I found myself a friend…a furry one of course.
And I totally enjoyed watching him play in the water.
I did have a none furry friend with me. This is how I found her at one point when I came around a stone wall.
This was her view of that shot. Love the polish girl…LOL
The next few shots are her work…not bad for a newbie!
Sweet stuff Gina :)
Lord only knows what she looked like to get that shot…LOL

I’m enjoying my camera but like I said to my girlfriend …”I’d smash it with a sledgehammer if it meant I could have my Richard back”.
Enjoying myself is so bitter sweet right now…there is always a held back tear behind every smile.  



  1. We are happy to see you out trying to enjoy the beauty that surrounds you.

    Your pictures are amazing!


    1. Yep...cause God is still God and God is still good. :)

    2. Oh Anna.,these all came out so great! THANK YOU for letting me enjoy this new passion with you(it's addictive) lol. Richard is smiling and routing you on....I heard good job babe!! God is good!
      Gina xo

    3. Hehehehe Gina you posted a comment! Now all you need to do is start your own blog ;) Hugs girlie...I love you!

  2. Oh you made me cry when I read the sledgehammer portion... I feel that way when I miss my Grandpa. He too was a special, rare and amazing person and the earth is a lonelier place without him.

    Your photos are utterly beautiful and show your passion for life and happiness. Your sweetheart isn't gone in a way... he shines through the wondrous photos you take. It's like he guides your way to the prettiest shots! :)

    Sarah & le Weens

    1. Oh Sarah I'm so sorry about your Grandpa. The pain of losing ones we love can be so sharp at times. So that's where you got your special, rare and amazing personality from :) Hugs!