Friday, October 5, 2012

My mini me

Shannie decided my old camera is now her new camera.
She looks pretty comfortable there don’t she? I guess it’s in her genes.
So is this...
…and impromptu hallelujah dance!

There is a scripture in the bible that says “Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it.” I don’t believe that is just in a spiritual way…which of course is the most important.  But I also believe it means... find the thing that they show an interest in and feed it when they are young. It just may be the call of God for their life.
The next two shots Shannie took :)
But I’m still given myself the “cutest” picture of the day award. Hehehehe


  1. Ok ... I just LOVE your wee little subject for today. :) But that LAST photo took the cake for cuteness/giggle factor.

    She's a beauty for sure! :)

    Sarah & le Weens

    1. Thank you Sarah... I just thought I was bias .... Lol

  2. Yes definately, a mini me in the making! Tell Shannie her photo's are awesome! She has a good teacher....

    That last picture just did me in..... We can't stop smiling! Job well done Shannie ~ you've brightened our spirits!


    1. Thank you Lily and Mommy .... Shannie was so excited there was a comment for her! She said thank you very much, giggle.