Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Remember us?

 One of the reasons Mommy started this blog. 

 I thought while I was testing my camera it would be a good time to give an update on the dogs.

We are all learning to find our new normal. The dogs in fact are adjusting much better than I thought they would. Richard was such a part of what we do here and the dogs adored him. I’ve had a few issues that show signs that the dogs are stressed pop up, but nothing major. His Jasper was the one I was most worried about but he is doing so well. The best they all are of course is when Shannon is here…especially Jazzy.  She has always been his other love so soon after Poppy went home to Jesus I told Shannon that Jasper was now her dog and I know that is what Poppy would want. She squealed with delight and said, “Now I have Gwenie and Jazzy and I’m going to treat him just like Poppy did”! Actually I didn’t tell her this… but I’m not going to let her do that because that boy spoiled this dog rotten! LOL.  However her love is good for him and he is his normal happy self when she is around. Which is a beautiful thing?
So I just wanted to update and thank all my blog friends who started reading this blog when it was just our happy little life in dog rescue and journeying with me through this life shattering time as God rebuilds our world of ashes.  And I know out of theses ashes beauty will rise... And I promise to blog it all J
(This song was composed after this man tragically lost his little daughter.)

These last two pictures are for my blogger friend Sarah… Girl I’m not responsible for any malfunctions your keyboard may have from drool. LOL


  1. Oh Dang! We are all jealous now! The 'new kid on the block' is a beauty!

    We're happy to hear that the puppers are doing well too.


    1. Don't be jealous Lily no matter what camera Mommy uses on you ... Your still come out beautiful :)

  2. Ok Photo number 2 had me CRACKING UP!!! That is stink eye to the 5th!

    Now .. ahem ... I had to cleanse the keys from my slobbering. That is a pretty camera! I think the old one is really pretty too tho. You can see how much I know about them. Hehe Someday I wanna get one that does those uber quick photos because my ratweenies wont sit still long enough for a click and go, it's gotta be at zoomie speed. :) I would also like to be able to take free pictures for the rescues we have around here to help get their babies adopted but that's a later down the road kinda date I have. :)
    Sarah & le Weens