Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Still making my dreams come true

My husband was my greatest cheerleader. Whatever I chose to pursue he backed me up with every ounce of his being and every resource he had. But like most wife’s I had dreams that were well beyond our resources. However that never stopped Richard from dreaming with me and praying with me for these dreams to come true. Richard was an astonishingly thoughtful man in life and even in his going home. Although he was just 53 he had his affairs in order and made great provision for me to be taken care of and even pursue some of my dreams.  
On the 30th day anniversary of Richards’s home going I started pondering a story in Joshua. It is where the Lord is instructing Joshua to go into the promise land with Gods people. So I went and read it...one verse that jumped out to me was. “Moses my servant is dead; now therefore arise.”  Joshua 1:2 (God said that to Joshua after he and the people mourned for Moses “30” days. There are no quinky dinks with God.)
I know that scripture may sound harsh but to me it was comforting. I knew right away what God was saying….and it was not that he was saying, “Ok buck up…no more crying… no more snotting… Richard’s gone… forget about him and move on”. NOT AT ALL! In fact I felt what he was saying to me was quite the opposite. I felt like he was saying…“I know you’re going to always miss your beloved this side of heaven, and I am collecting ever tear because they are so precious to me but I have a wonderful future for you and a promise land for you… so my sweet child I need you to get up and start moving forward”.
I know this is what God wants for me and also my beloved Richard because he has left me in a position to now purse a long time dream …one he believed so much in and prayed so often for. I know God is honoring his prayers for his wife. Even when we are gone from this earth God doesn’t forget the prayers we prayed for our loved ones. I’m sure prayers of loved ones long gone are still shaping my life this very day…and I pray my prayers will shape my generations to come.

This picture may look like nothing special to most people but to me it is the beginning of my dream. It is my last picture with my Nikon D60 for now. Because I upped all my camera equipment to a professional level and I’m going to purse my dream to glorify God with the gift he has placed in me. Where this adventure is taking me I don’t know…but I do know its ultimate end is my promise land.
(Indecently the first place I’m going to try out my new camera is a literal place called “Promise Land” I realized that as I was writing this blog… How awesome is that and how awesome is the Lord! Again there are no quinky dinks with God.)


  1. Does that mean in that photo with the old camera there is a new camera lurking in one of those boxes? I am so drooling. My camera is .. my cell phone! :)
    Awesome! Just awesome! I can NOT wait to see the photos. Sounds like you have a fantastic plan laid out.

    Sarah & le Weens

    1. Yes there is Sarah...my dream camera in fact. And as soon as I figure out how to use this crazy thing I will be posting pictures for sure. :)

    2. WOW!! I went wow when I saw the photo because I figured all that stuff was or the cam you have been taking all those lovely photos with. All old camera donations can be sent to 1073 Fi..... just kidding. Are you going to show us the new kid on the block by using the old kid one more time for that? I want to drool a bit. :) How exciting for you! I can't wait to see the beautiful photos that come from this adventure! XoXo ~ Sarah

  2. Oh you can bet we'll be waiting too! Your pictures now are so incredible, we can only imagine what is to come.