Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hot dogs and Watermelon anyone?

Well it sure has been some dog days of summer in our neck of the woods …so I decided some nice refreshing watermelon was just what we all needed.

 And the pups sure did agree.

 I had to bring in the big gun to finish it off.

And I got me watermelon kisses the WHOLE rest of the day :)


  1. Well OUR mom did that last night also, only she took ours out to Alcatraz cos I can get a little (a lot) food aggressive and the next thing you know there is a big ole brawl going on between me and maggie and then gussie jumps into the middle of had to reach in and grab maggie out by her back fat, and grab gussie and toss them on the porch, she left me out for a few minutes to calm said in hindsight she should have fed us our watermelon like she does our was tired from work and not thinkin.
    Stella Rose

    1. LOL...I sure it's really annoying at the time but you crack me up when you describe their tussles. And talk about the watermelon crawl....sounds like you needed to crawl into bed after that one! hahahha

  2. I just want to jump right in there with them! The pack is really enjoying it. (Lily and Muffin don't like watermelon. They must be adopted ~ HA!)


    1. You would jump right in...just like you did Lily and Muffins pool the other day....oh LOVED the toe polish by the way! And yes they must be adopted ;) LOL