Sunday, July 21, 2013

Silent Sunday


  1. You are AMAZING! Did you ever envision it to be so dang beautiful once you were done? And those shades that you found for it are perfect too! Will it be hung in the studio?

    Thanks for your prayers for Dad. He's doing pretty good today considering he's full of stitches. Tomorrow is yet another Dr. to discuss the low iron issue. I think they will want to do a colonoscopy on him in the very near future (would be my guess anyways.)


    1. I have to say I really did see it in my minds eye...but it sure did delight me it came out well. :) We added the frills to the plain shades because I couldn't find what I wanted. And if you can't find it make

      I'm so glad your Dad is feeling better. I was shocked when I read you post. I will continue to pray for him and for's tough to become the caregiver as life turns the tables on children and parents. And sadly so many people don't give their parents that care when they so deserve it. I commend you sweetheart...your doing a great job! :)