Monday, July 15, 2013

I turn to you

Our sweet friend baby Evan went home to Heaven and Jesus yesterday. Some of you may remember him from a blog post back in April. 
He had to have surgery and something went dreadfully wrong and
his little body could just no longer keep fighting.
He was born Christmas day of last year….and has been fighting so hard.
And even thought we were only blessed with him for these few short months, He has left his footprints on my soul. And I will never forget him.

Please keep his parents and family in your prayers… 
They are completely heartbroken.
As I held Evan’s Mommy in my arms yesterday she whispered in my ear…
"I’m letting him go to Richard."
The reply below I gave to a dear friend in a text as she was remembering the first time we meet and held Evan... is what I know Richard is doing right now with that sweet baby.

And you all know me well enough now…when life makes no sense I turn to the only one that does….


  1. Oh Anna, I'm so sorry to hear about Evan! The news just breaks my heart.

    I truly believe that Richard was there to welcome him home.

    I will say extra prayers for his family and for all that loved little Evan.


  2. We just don't have the right words to say to you right now. I do believe tho that little Evan is adored and loved in heaven. I have 8 grandchildren and cannot imagine the pain the family is feeling at this moment. We are sending prayers to them and you today.
    stella rose

  3. My heart is saddened for Evan's family. They only knew him for a short time but he will be forever in their hearts. Praise God they have the hope of seeing and holding him again one day.


  4. I am so sorry to read about Baby Evan. How I wished he could have gotten well but it had to be in God's plan, as hard as it seems now. How great it was that he had a family that loved him even for a short short time. Just too sad.

  5. Oh thank you everyone for such kind heart felt words and your prayers :)