Saturday, July 27, 2013

What's in a name...

 My logo :)  

 I found this great shop on Etsy to make my logo…Style Me Sweet ...super great to work with!

The logo is very symbolic to me.  The little white doggie is a reminder of my first heart dog Binny… the reason I got into dog rescue. And the bike of course is symbolic of the very last gift Richard bought me before he passed away. Which will forever remind me of my beloved. :)

  Thank You Mandy you did a super job!


  1. You did a beautiful job designing your new logo! We are very impressed with how it turned out. Are you going to do business cards and stationery?

    I'm going to check out their site. You've given me a great idea.... Design my own business card. It's gonna read: Chief Cook & Bottlewasher & ALL things in-between.

    See, I still have my sense of humor at the moment :)


    1. Oh the design was totally Mandy...I told her what I wanted to add and she saw my vision. Check her out and pass the word. I think your business should say this.
      Worlds best...
      blogger friend
      doxie Mommy...all around nicest person in the world ;)
      by appointment

  2. Your logo is so cute! They did a great job!