Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Nailed it

I saw this sweet idea on Pinterest I thought would be a cute touch for my studio. 

 Taking some plain white bathroom tiles, super sliders, mod podge
and some photos.

 I gave them an aged look in Photoshop....This is optional.

(Love this shot, it's down the road from my house.)

 Put them all together and what do you get?  
Drink coasters that look like old Polaroid pictures!  

It was as easy as shaking a Polaroid to develop. :)
(Oh, sliders go on back of tiles to keep from scuffing your tables)


  1. Isn't Mod Podge the best invention ever! I'm a mentor mom at our MOPS group (because I've been there done that, not because I'm old :)) and we do a lot of crafts with Mod Podge. The sliders are a nice touch to the coasters.


    1. I'm now calling that and Photoshop the 8th wonders of the world! LOL. I never really played around with Mod Podge before this. And with all my crafting I do I don't know how I missed this wonder. This stuff is amazing!

  2. Those are very creative! And they are extra special because they are your photo's and made with love.

    Happy 4th!