Tuesday, September 3, 2013

In my little town.

I love walking the fields and woods in my town.

The thing about hiking the country woods is you never know what kind of beast you may encounter.

Like this one…

Don’t worry I stared it down and it backed off. 

Gotta love country living ….gotta love country folks. :D


  1. We have never seen a beast like that in our woods, mostly we see squirrels.
    stella rose

    1. I'm sure a couple of squirrels live it that beast. Lol

  2. That's like the truck I want! I want an oldie but goodie. Like the kind at the end of the movie Castaway. A girl can dream, right?


    After sitting 4 hours with Grandpa Bob for his heart stress test, a quick run to see the dentist bcuz I broke a tooth on Saturday, we're off to the Vet's. Lily just did something to her leg/paw and won't walk on it. I guess it really does come in 3's!

    1. Wow! Sounds like you had a stress test too! Well keep me posted on all the above. Sorry you had such a stinky day. :(
      And you dream big girl! :)