Saturday, September 7, 2013

My fair lady

Shannie and I decided to end our summer with one last hurrah!!!  
A country fair!
She pointed the way and I just followed 
with my camera and wallet in tow…lol
( Hey! Isn’t that what Grammy’s are for?)

 The winner!
She won a goldfish but gave it to another little kids because she said she didn't want to watch it just die. 
We can not keep those things alive!

 She braved the ferris wheel for the first time! :)

 And we just played!

 Oh girl...we need to show you how to shoot!…lol

Now that’s more like it

 She nailed it on that shot…that’s my girl!

And she won herself a...

 …you guessed it…puppy!

 Then we ate…

and ate…

and then ordered more...

 to eat.

 Yes, someone’s belly, and love tank was full.

 And she even found prince charming!

Nothing like a country fair with my fair lady! :)


  1. That was such a fun day! Your pictures are worth a thousand words.

    While I would NOT have joined her on the ferris wheel, I would be squeeling with delight on the Scrambler with her. And just watch my face light up on the carousel!

    I'm so glad you got to have that awesome time together.


    1. I can't go on any rides I will be barfing my guts up...literally. I have a hard time even watching Waylon in is pouncy chair...makes me motion

      And thank you Kim we had the best time...this is how I summed up that night. If fun was illegal Shannie and I would be doing us some hard time! lol

  2. I'm glad she had an awesome summer with her Grammy!!! Give her a hug & kiss from her Nanna!!! I missed her all summer but if I had to share her with anyone, I'm glad it is with you my friend!!!


    1. Alice thank you! I feel the same about you...that girls blessed to have such good Grandmothers! LOL

      Hugs Anna