Thursday, September 5, 2013

Order some dessert just to spite um.

“It’s not for sissies you know, dining alone, the trick is to seem mysterious, like the choice is yours.”

 Lines from my all-time favorite movie.
Which I’m sure I’ve mentioned here.
"Hope Floats".

Recently on an afternoon trip to the other side of the tracks in a little town near mine.

Some call little Switzerland…because of how it is nestled into the mountains.

Those lines came back to me as I sat alone in a little outdoor café treating myself to lunch.

And for the first time since Richard went home I felt like I could watch our movie. And I did…and it made me feel stronger, because I did it without crying. :)
And I found an even deeper connection to it as I realized something I never thought about before.
To help overcome her loss the main character of the movie takes up photography. :)
It’s like the movie morphed with my life circumstance. I once related to it because it was so similar to our love story. Now I relate to it because I’m at a beginning again.
And I watch it with a totally different eye, and see things I’ve never noticed before.
I thought I would never be able to watch it again.
That’s why this is a big deal to me.
It feels like I found a lost treasure.... 
Like I got an old friend back. :)

PS. I love the little heart cloud in the first picture. I started calling stuff like that….Winks from God. :)


  1. All I can say is WOW! (and that's only because I can't see through my tears.....)

    Love ya girlfriend!

    1. Well I’m gonna make you cry more because I just have to share this now. That is the town Richard and I honeymooned in and it took everything in me to go back there the other day….but I felt like I had to face it…and because I did I got my movie back…and some really special shots. Not only is there a heart in the first shot. But it wasn’t until I looked at them again on this post that I saw the last shot has a tiny heart also. It was taken in a completely different side of town about 2 hours later then the first….like it was followed me! That just made my day, I had to share it!

  2. I noticed the little cloud heart right away. Certainly a message to you for sure. That little town looks like a great place to visit. I am glad you went back because I know that had to be a hard thing. I had never watched Hope Floats until about two weeks ago when it was on the Hallmark channel on a Saturday afternoon. I loved it too. :)

    1. Back in the day at a very lean time in our lives, cable tv was always the first thing to go, because we could care less about the tv. Especially since you could just put a video on and watch what you wanted without all the other garbage in your face. We would watch Hope floats over and over again for days on end. I probable know it line by line if I think hard enough about it…lol
      We so related to the movie because I was such a broken mess of a person, who saw no worth in herself any longer….but he did… and he waited sooooo long for me….loving me through it all. :)

      Well Jane welcome to the Hope Floats club. And I just don’t know how I missed that second heart….but I think it’s so cool you saw it.

  3. "Dancing's just a conversation between two people. Talk to me, Birdie." One of my favorite movie quotes.

    Btw, since this was your honeymoon town, are you sure that heart cloud wasn't a wink from Richard?

    And my trick for eating alone is to have a book in my purse.

    1. Yup Kerri and I love the dance scene right after that line. :D

      My husband was a pretty amazing man. But I don’t think he can put clouds in the sky. So that’s why I call it a wink from God.
      However…I can believe he enjoyed watching God do it for me as much as I did. :)

      Sometime I have a book with me or I read something on my iphone.
      But I’m also very content just sitting and looking around….or I just make friends.
      Because I had my camera out on the table the people next to me asked me if I was a food critic. LOL. So that got us chatting.
      Made me wonder.. is that why I got such good service?! Hahahaha