Monday, September 16, 2013

My little pony

I’m so drawn to 40’s/ 50’s vintage anything….and now more than ever because I see photo shoot prop!
So when I stumbled on this sweet thang over the weekend for a steal, 
I snatched it right up. 
First I'm going to use it for this still life photo to give as a baby shower gift. 

But when I first laid eyes on it all I saw was a photo shoot with this pony and some cute kid in front of a tinsel laden Christmas tree.

So imagine the giggles, when in the researching of my little pony I found this photo.

~John Clement Howe


  1. Oh how you bring back the memories! I think that most of us had one of these as a child (or something similar.) We got hours of enjoyment from playing with it and it kept us out from being under Mom's feet.

    That is the PERFECT prop for a photo shoot! We can't wait to see the fun pictures.


    1. How about it! This is what you did before video games....used your imagination and played! I don't ever remember being bored as a kid. But that's all you hear out of most of today's kids.

  2. Your little pony is so cute! I'm picturing a cute, chubby little mister posing with it.....