Saturday, September 21, 2013


Sorry we have been missing in action.  It’s a busy time of the year for photo shoots, with all the pretty colors of fall. 
So you may find me m.i.a. from time to time.

But thank the Lord I have my favorite helper! Here she is giving me a hand setting up for the weekend shoots. One of them being Waylon’s 5 month shot. Wow time is flying!

 Ok, so she spent most of the time playing…


 or just plan daydreaming.  She still is the greatest company. :)

And add our little Prince to the day….and it’s always a perfect one!


  1. Why that little Shannie.... She's is such a cowgirl by heart! Your pictures, as always, are incredible!!

    Look at how big Waylon is getting to be. He's such a little man now. He has the greatest smile :)

    You have such a creative mind girlfriend! Your "tag along" picture just put the biggest smile on my face.

    Hope you have a great weekend.


    p.s. God brought along a roll of duct tape just in case he needed reinforcements. But I was good and he didn't need to use it ;)

  2. YAHOO that a Oh that's a reply to your p.s. But when it comes to those we love and their care I'm sure God understand :)

    I know both my grand babies are growing like weeds...and I agree Waylons smile melts my heart. I love that tag alone picture....when I was a kid my toys were so real to me. When the first Toy Story movie came out (I was an adult then) I was glued to the screen because in my childhood mind that is what my toys

  3. Oh. My. Goodness!! Those are just precious! Your grandbabies are so blessed to have you as their grandma :)