Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A smell you adore...

Or Miley Cyrus!

 Sorry sometimes I have to laugh at stuff or all cry.

My daughter filled me in on all this scuttlebutt about Miley Cyrus’s performance at the MTV music awards.
I made it about a minute into the video… and I just could not watch the rest
What a shame is all I can say.

And only more proof this is a generation that needs our prayers more than ever. :(


  1. My mom said the whole thing made her sad also, cos her little grandgirls liked hannah montana alot!
    stella rose

    1. I thought of that ...all the little girls that idealized her in that roll and the affect her poor judgment could have on them :(

  2. That's exactly what I needed at this very moment! A GREAT laugh. (Just got the call that Dad's surgery has been cancelled. The Anesthesiologist refuses to knock him out. Further testing is required. I don't know weather to laugh or cry right now. The stress continues....)


    1. Awww Kim I was praying for you and Grandpa Bob this morning. And I don’t say that to sound so holy. I say it to remind you you’re always on Gods mind and He is causing others to lift you up in prayer. I just I wanted you to know that God hears you and sees you and knows your hearts cry.
      Much love my friend…rest in Daddy’s arms…He has this. :)