Monday, August 12, 2013

On the shelf

This one had me racking my brain…
I was thinking maybe I would put one of the dogs on a shelf in the refrigerator and then let Shannie open the door and scare the bejeebers out of her.  But then the thought of having to close the refrigerator door on one of my dogs just seemed to creepy ….even for me. Lol

So as I walked around the house trying to come up with something for “on the shelf”. I started noticing how many shelves in my house already have dogs on them.  

Then it started to become a game…even Shannie began to play it with me… we were finding dogs in every nook and cranny, and on every shelf.

But this one in the bathroom was my favorite and my shot for “on the shelf”
Snoopy will always be top dog in this house…even if he's not even an inch high.

So I had to go back and see when I posted about the dog days of summer photo challenge did I say it had to be a real dog ....nope I did not.
The beauty of making up your own challenge is you can bend the rules….hehehehe

Happy Monday Everyone!

Oh, what’s warm and fuzzy and orange all over?
Stop by tomorrow and find out ;)


  1. That was a good idea..lovely pictures!
    stella rose

  2. Your house is so cute! Thanks for sharing bits and pieces of it with us :)


  3. I just absolutely love the vintage look and your collection of all things dog's is fantastic!

    And you're right about Snoopy being top dog. He's the #1 man in the world.


    1. Thank you Kim...Shannie is now going to try and count how many nick nacky dog I really have...this will be