Sunday, August 4, 2013

Canine (Toothbrush) Wear

I have to say this was the hardest word thus far into my dog days of summer photo challenge.  I even called my daughter and said 
“if you come up with any idea for toothbrush let me know”. 
Yes, I just admitted to trying to cheat….lol

Years ago, before people started brushing their dogs teeth…this picture would have been so out of the box. 

And if the word had been, toothbrush “holder”…this shot would have been it hands down!

I’m sure you have all heard the expression

“Necessity is the Mother of invention” 

Well it became just that.

My need for a photo drove me to invent a whole new line of dog wear made from toothbrushes boiled in water and reshaped into doggie headbands. 

I will call it
"Canine” Toothbrush Wear…hehehe

 Happy Sunday everyone and remember...


  1. Now was this what you were boiling when I was over yesterday not eggs!? Lol Awesome blog...I know I tell you this everyday but its true :-) love you Mom

    1. Oh you caught me....I added the eggs for flavor so later it could be a chew
      And if you were the only person who read this blog I would right it ever day just for you :)
      Because I love you too my Sunshine!

  2. Gosh, that was too funny! I love the writing on the brush too.

    You had such perfect models for this photo shoot. Just look at that balancing precision. Then of course your creative talents had to shine through and you made a head band. Girlfriend, you just plain ol'e crack me up!