Saturday, August 24, 2013


That’s a perfect word to explain how the house feels right now, especially for little Gwendolyn.  Our Princess Shannie has left our kingdom this week to get ready to go back to school.  We only had 24 hours notice she was departing us so it was harder than normal for Shannie to separate from her Gwenie.  And if she could have, she would have made her a stowaway in her luggage…

So, as you can see Shannie’s bag was far from empty.
However her bed is much to empty for Miss Gwenie, so she has taken to sleeping with a teddy bear to comfort her empty paws. 

We miss you Shanwee...and Grammy wrote this blog post just for you, so you know your always in our thoughts. :) 


  1. Miss Gwenie is so cute! I hope that Shannie enjoys her school year. I am sure she will back in no time to play with Gwenie. I bet you all had a great summer.

  2. 18 days...we are counting ;)
    And our summer was grand!

  3. You've outdone yourself again with those beautiful pictures! I too shall miss your little Super Model and her glowing smile. I hope that she has a wonderful year in school.

    Sweet little Gwenie... It won't be long before you and Shannie are together again and singing in the rain!