Wednesday, August 14, 2013

(Retro) fro

Jazzy sporting his fro for today’s word.

This is a hair tie…Richard and I would just put this on Jasper so we could laugh our butts off.  We called it his fro…for afro. I found it the other day and the first thing I did was put it on Jazzy. And just like always…I laughed my butt off… until I cried. :/

That day I snapped a quick picture also...

 It is amazing the things you find and the memories they can bring back.


  1. What a patient little guy! And yes it is funny!
    stella rose

  2. This made me laugh too! When my daughter was younger she would put the little terry cloth pony tail holders on our black lab's ears. They would stand straight up! We would all laugh at him and he would look at my husband just like Jazzy is looking at you and say "Dad, pleeeeese get these things off me, I'm a boy for crying out loud!" Kurt would love him up and take them off and then Liza would put bigger scrunchies on his tail :) He was such a patient boy. It was cool to see the difference between his "house dog" side and his "hunting dog" side. When he was in the house he was just a love but when he was hunting he was "all business". There will never be another Hank.


    1. Oh I so understand that therapy dog is like two different dogs...when he is out working people are amazed at how calm he is. But I get him home and put him in the dog yard...he is all doxies...digging and barking and chasing every little critter he can. lol