Friday, July 20, 2012

God can you stop bowling now?

When I was a kid I was so afraid of thunder and lightning storms that my parents in trying to comfort me told me that silly story that it’s just God bowling with the Angels.  Although it didn’t bring me total comfort I did believe it was the true…. and one stormy night soon after I recall lying in bed saying “God can you stop bowling now ….Pleasssss! “  Well like every child I grew up and realized not everything Mom and Dad said was really the truth…(ie:  Santa and the Easter Bunny ) But I actually grew to love thunder and lightning storms very much. Until that is, I had a pack of dogs! Unlike children who might buy a silly story to calm them down, some of our dogs are inconsolable.  So the minute the weather bug goes off to alert of a pending storm the TV’s go way up the AC get turned on high for the sound of the fan and I’m on pins and needles hoping this time it will work…but of course it doesn’t.  So my normal pretty quiet (believe it or not even with a pack of dogs) life just dissipates.  For me sitting around and enjoying the rumblings of an afternoon storm is something I don’t get to enjoy any longer.  The pictures below are some of the dogs trying to get some comfort from our granddaughter during one such storm. 

However…we do have a few dogs that are not phased whatsoever…like Mrs. Beasley who is in the photo below, which was taken during that very same storm.


  1. Priceless pictures! How we know that story well. Butt.... Just what are you trying to tell us about Santa and the Easter Bunny?????

    Lily Belle

    1. That they are as real as you want them to be Lily Belle ;) And I'm sure they both come to your house bearing gifts much more then once a year..hehe

  2. I love the pictures! All four of mine are quiet during storms. Of course, I probably just jinxed myself... :-)