Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My new flower pot

Had a full blood analysis health screen done and found out I’m really healthy! (Thank you Jesus) To celebrate, my sweet husband gave me this.

Only problem is it oozes such cuteness I want to use it as a planter and park it on the front lawn.
However the sweet hubby would ring my bell if I did that.
But no one can stop me from using it for a photo shoot with one of the puppy's...hehehe :)
"Say Kibbles"


  1. Ok that literally got an out loud OH MY GOSH out of me. ( I think I need to get a sponge to wipe the drool off!! hehe ) I would totally sport that bike around town with crazy pride. What a beautiful gifty and I LOVE love love your model. Just adorable!

    Sarah & le Weens

  2. Have just today found this lovely blog! Shared with a dear friend and she enjoyed it as much as I did! Thank you for publishing such an uplifting blog! I'm mom to 2 doxies & 7 cats.


  3. Sarah I did that same drool thing when I saw the bike…LOL
    Hugs the six pack for us :)

  4. Georgia I’m so glad you found us…we love new friends! I see you have a pack of your own. I had 5 cats at one point but when the last one past away we decided cats would probably not be happy here because at that point we had so many dogs. But all my family does have cats and we get to enjoy our fuzzy nieces and nephews often. And hello to your dear friend! Have a blessed day ladies :)

  5. What a cool bike! And, of course, I LOVE your little model! I just found you through Nola. :-)

  6. Hello Nola and Cole...thank you so much for stopping by!