Monday, July 16, 2012

I “do” mornings

Good Monday morning peeps.

Some days even the pups have a hard time getting up.

Actually I love Monday’s!  I call it my “ME” day. It often is the only day of the week I have free. Well as free as you can be with a pack of dogs. Not that I get to sleep in or anything like that… Honestly I haven’t slept in a single day in over 10 years… I’m not sure my body could even do so if given the opportunity at this point. But that’s ok I love mornings too.  There’s something about the quietness of early mornings that helps me center my soul for the day. I love how the light breaks forth through the trees and shoots golden beams that often look like big drops of honey dripping from heaven, as we put the dogs out in the yard. Yes I “do” mornings and Monday’s make me smile J
Have a blessed day!

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