Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Family Fido Tree

I love collecting vintage family photos that have our furry family members in them.

I also like to find fun uses for them …like these pictures I grouped together along with some vintage dog licenses we uncovered in a family members attic a few years back.

Recently I expanded my collection to "stuffed" family fidos because these are just too stinkin cute!

But one of our most exciting finds was that we were able to trace our “Family Fido Tree” all the way back to Grandma Moses!  

I know it is uncanny how much she looks like our Granddaughter and her dog…isn’t it!  ;)

Quite often the easiest family member to get along with is the dog.
                                                          ~ Anonymous


  1. Your pictures are just pawfect! We especially do love Grandma Moses too..... (It's ok, we won't lick and tell)

    Lily Belle

  2. Love that quote! And that frame is so cool