Sunday, July 15, 2012

The question you never ask your dog...

So who want's their nails clipped ?

Yes today is toenail clipping day.
Really we have it down to a science. Once a month we do the whole pack and it takes about 20 minutes. The hardest part is finding the little scallywags once we start because they all take off for the hills.

Have a blessed day friends…hugs and wet nose kisses
from the pack :)


  1. Nola WILL NOT let me cut her nails, no matter how much training I try to do with her. The only person who can do it is my mom
    Nola's MOm

  2. Sometimes they have the quirkiest unexplainable behaviors don’t they…but I guess that’s part of what endears us to these silly little wiener dogs isn’t it? Well I guess it’s good she will let someone do them. :)